The Real Life Coach

Building a solid foundation of social and emotional intelligence in children, through the teaching of values, virtues, life and career-based skills.

  • The Need

    Research suggests your child’s social and emotional abilities are important indicators of how successful they will be now and in the future.

  • The Solution

    Through Soar children develop essential skills for social confidence, community building, educational success, and future career readiness.

  • The Results

    Our skills programme for children has already made a powerful impact on the lives of students in nine countries and has been awarded for innovation.


The Soar learning pathway

As children journey with us, they gradually nurture specific competencies that are matched to a child's age as they move through the school system.

Grades 12 +
Graduates learn basic skills for the most in-demand careers through online, self-paced electives.
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Grades 10 – 11
Learners develop awareness and understanding of career-based competencies through online, self-paced electives.
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Grades 6 – 9
Students discover and strengthen their social and emotional virtues through e-modules that combine group activities and game-based methods.
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Grades 1 – 5
Children identify and understand a range of core values, through teacher-led immersive storytelling
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A prepared child makes all the difference

Innovative learning environment

Information For Schools

Lead the necessary change needed for our children by integrating Soar into your school’s curriculum.


Getting future ready

Information For Parents

What is the significance of your child developing essential life skills now, compared to after graduation?


Lifelong learning with Arc Skills

As knowledge grows and technology changes, so to must we; which is why we believe in lifelong learning. Arc Skills supports the growth of skills at every stage of life, through a diverse product offering for schools, universities, and corporates.

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